what is JAPONICA?


Understated and effortless elegance, you don’t need a special occasion to wear JAPONICA, the occasion is the everyday. The discreet beauty of our pieces becomes a part of who you are, enhancing in subtle and ever changing ways. Looking at the ordinary in an extraordinary way, our inspired designs are elegant and highly functional.

Masako, the visionary for JAPONICA, was born in Japan, to an Italian-American father and a Japanese mother. Moving to New York a few years later, she was raised on Long Island. Educated at New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, Masako spent her career working for the mens’ clothing powerhouse Hart Schaffner & Marx working on some of the leading fashion labels in the world – Dior, Krizia, CP Company, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberrys – to name a few. Inspired by trips to London, Paris, Milan, and Rome, the energy of New York, and the cultural pull of her native Japan she is truly a citizen of the world.

Fashion and design have always been a passion. When her children were young, she desired simple and elegant jewelry and accessories that would take her from the gym to a business meeting, playdates to a dinner out; pieces that could be dressed up or down and would fit into her lifestyle seamlessly. Not readily finding anything, she set out to create the things she was missing. As her pieces garnered attention, she sensed this need was more widespread and so, JAPONICA was born.

The JAPONICA brand is a blend of the complex layers of a multi-cultural upbringing, jet-setting career, and a thoroughly modern life. The minimal sensibility of Japan, fashion elegance of Italy, mixed with the design sensibility that only a city like New York can forge.

JAPONICA is designed and created in our New York studio as well as being handcrafted by artisans the world over. JAPONICA is always fair trade and always made with love.